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best tennis shoes for arch support


Therefore, according to your colour taste, grass conditions, court hardness, and clay nature, there are some best tennis shoe pairs for ARCH SUPPORT we have mentioned in our article.

Tennis is a challenging sport; there are no draws in it, then why take a chance to claim any drawbacks after choosing the wrong pair of tennis shoes?

Shoes are like companions; they give you comfort and support. Give you relief from knee, ankle, and joint pains by maintaining their stability. Having a good pair of tennis shoes is directly proportional to the excellence in sports performances while taking moves and any other foot activity.  

Tennis shoes might not take any part in health maintenance, but it plays a massive role in keeping your body healthy, avoiding neuropathy, and solves the high arch problems.

The best thing about men/women tennis shoes for arch support 2021 is that they are available in a wide range of classic colours, designs, and sizes compared to regular joggers, track shoes, and footwear. Less expensive. Long-lasting and more comfortable to wear regularly and avoid any arch problem.

Tennis is a sport that needs coordination and a lot of best quality consideration while choosing the best tennis shoe. It requires more body and foot movements, changing directions, and flexibility to perform well. Tennis shoes are the only thing that helps you to play well. By reducing the game stress. Following these steps will help you in choosing the best tennis shoe for arch support.



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New Balance Women’s WC786 Cushion
Nike women’s zoom vapour 9.5 tour
ASICS Men's Gel-Resolution 8
New Balance Men's 806 V1
K-SWISS Women's Bigshot Light
Prince Women's T22 Lite

     1. New Balance Women’s WC786 Cushion – Best for plantar fasciitis 





For Flat feet, Plantar Fasciitis, and Wide Feet

Product detail;

The New Balance Women’s WC786 is the best tennis shoes for women, as it gives excellence in their performance. Stylish, comfortable, and a perfect solution for the arch problem. Inside the shoe, there is an area to bear the body’s pressure, so that this is the best tennis shoe for women to deal with plantar fasciitis—also the best recommendation for women with wider feet.


your money will be a waste if it start causing rubbing knee and ankle.

  • Excellent stability 
  • Adequate support
  • Comfortability
  • Actually no cons for this shoe
among all these shoes give satisfaction for the best foot-frame design, excellent midsole support and knee pain relieve


     2. Nike women’s zoom vapour 9.5 tour – Best tennis shoes for back and knee pain



About;       High arch and Plantar Fasciitis

Product detail;

Nike Women’s zoom vapour 9.5 tour tennis shoe is the best choice for 2021 made with the design of Rogethe R Federer. The Foot-frame of this shoe is especially for high arches where it fits perfectly. Its sole is of rubber which makes it more flexible while moving. 




your money will be a waste if it start causing rubbing knee and ankle.

  • Quality
  • Excellence performance
  • Plenty of support
  • Stability
  • bit expensive

among all these shoes give satisfaction for the best foot-frame design, excellent midsole support and knee pain relieve


     3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8- Best support tennis shoes for high arches.

asics men gel resolution 8


About;       For high arch problem, stability and support

Product detail;

ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 is the best tennis for men in 2021 as it provides stability, comfort and high quality with beautiful design and better width of the toe. Flexibility is 10/10. More supportive and stable as compared to the model Gel Resolution 7. Durability and best quality guarantee.



 it is suggested to the company to work on short laces because the laces are very thin, so they put more pressure on the front part of the shoes.

  • Adequate support 
  • High Value
  • Durability 
  • Excellence performance
  • little air passage

high price but worth buying because of attractive colors, all-rounder for performance.


     4. New Balance Men’s 806 V1 -Best tennis shoes with midsole support.

new balance men 806 v1


About;      For lower arches, support and comfort

Product detail;

New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoes is included in the best tennis shoes for men’s 2021. This shoe gives comfort, flexibility, and support to the player and excellence in their performance. It has a big toe box and proper ventilation spaces. These shoes are available in pure white colour with the best foot-frame. 




after buying it, you can face the problem of arches because it gives less high arch support than required.

  • Supportive and comfortable
  • High stability rate
  • High Quality
  • Only available in white color

 best shoes at this price even one can wear it outside the court, as casual running shoes, walking shoes and office shoes.


     5. K-SWISS Women’s Bigshot Light- Best tennis shoes with breathable cushion

K-SWISS Women’s Bigshot Light


About;    for stability, arch support, and comfortability

Product detail;

K-SWISS Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe is considered one of the best tennis shoes for women in 2021. The design of this shoe is based on a vast air passage. The perforation is the best to make the feet cool and clear. Heel solves the arch problem and gives support. That is why; it is the best choice for 2021 as a tennis shoe for women. 



most players do not like them because of ventilation, it is still an issue about these shoes.

  • Perforating 
  • Highly supportive
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • most people say, it gives a slippery feel.

best fit-in shoes in the town for wide and medium foot sizes in this price, worth buying.


     6. Prince Women’s T22 Lite- Best pain-relieving tennis shoes

Prince Women’s T22 Lite


About;  for sturdiness, stability, and arch support

Product detail;

Prince Women’s T22 Lite Tennis Shoe is now coming into the markets with a better and improved design and quality. Improved more than before, now Prince Women’s T22 lite shoe becomes the best choice for women for 2021. This shoe is available in bright purple and pink colors. Medium arch support and best ventilation system that keep the feet cool and brain calm. Light in weight and comfortable to wear. 


the only demerit of these shoes is, they are very heavy in weight

  • Ventilation 
  • Lightweight
  • Flexibility 
  • Supportive
  • The toe box is wider than needed

no one matches the level of Prince Women’s T22 Lite cushioning and grip, 100% satisfaction rate.


Buyer’s Guide:

best tennis shoes for arch support buyers guide

8 Steps you have to take before choosing the best tennis shoes for arch support

After seeing the list of best tennis shoes for arch support, you have to take the following 8 steps BEFORE buying the best pair of tennis shoes for yourself;

  • Know your play style 

Before choosing your tennis shoes, it is essential to know you are either “baseline” or “serve and volley.” Tennis players wear different designs and foot-frame shoes according to their style.

Baseline: the lateral supportive sole is for you if you are a baseline player.

Serve and volley: toecap shoes are for you if you are a serve and volley player.

  • Know the court surface

Studying your court surface is necessary before choosing your tennis shoes. There are different court surfaces, some are harder courts, so it is vital to select tennis shoes with more sole durability. Otherwise, it will damage the surface and hurt your foot. Some courts are grassy, where the sole must not be durable. Traction is all these court needs; otherwise, it will damage the court and cause a foot injury for you. Some courts are of clay, for that herringbone style outer sole is perfect. The narrow position of this sole helps to grip the floor tightly. 

  • Know your foot type

This step is essential while choosing tennis shoes. After knowing your foot type, the study will determine how much flexibility, support, and flat sole you need for your foot. 

Large gap: high arch: supinated feet, flexibility provider tennis shoes for this type.

No gap: flat feet: pronated feet, stability provider tennis shoes for this type.

In between neutral feet and tennis shoes for this.

  • High/low arch support

If you have a problem with a high and low arch and are looking for a pair of shoes to solve this problem, it is important to know the best tennis brand for arch support. Many designer brands are offering you arch support; some are mentioned above in the list. Different foot-frame designs are heel cup, inserts, and midsole; you can also concern with your physician about this problem and recommendations.

  • Research your shoes

Do a study/research before buying any random tennis shoes. How much support it will give you, what type of sole it is, will it worth buying for durability and flexibility. Sometimes costly high shoes are not worth buying, so check this also before buying branded tennis shoes.

  • Custom orthotics

Your shoe must have the ability to solve the problem of your arch and give support. Check before buying shoes with arch support. Do they have removable insoles so that in case of any problem, you can replace them?

  • Tight grip and stability

Best tennis shoes for arch support must have a tight grip and stability. Before you buy any tennis shoes to solve an arch problem, make sure that your shoes fit perfectly. So while during any rubbing, traction, and movements, your foot will remain safe, and you perform well.

  • Durable and comfortable

Best tennis shoes for arch support must also be durable and comfortable in all sorts of playing styles. Even if you are going to buy branded tennis shoes at a high cost, you also check them, take a walk with them and wear them for 5-10 minutes, and when you feel comfortable with them after checking all aspects, buy them.



Tennis is the game of movements, stability, and quick actions. Your performance depends on how quickly you take action and hit the tennis ball. However, do you think you will perform well without having the best tennis shoes for arch support? In case of avoiding any injuries, you have to choose the best quality tennis shoes for arch support your game. The shoes mentioned above are the best tennis shoes for arch support from the world’s best brands. These tennis shoes for arch support give you the best flexibility, stability, comfort, and support for the high and low arch, against plantar fasciitis and leg pains. We have reviewed the best tennis shoes for arch support men’s/women’s for 2021. Among all, (2) the best tennis shoes for arch support men’s/women’s 2021 are WC786 Cushion for women and ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 for men.

Note: This review is based on customers’ ratings and liking. If you are not a professional tennis player, you can play tennis either in your running shoes or the best tennis shoes. 



Q- Why tennis shoes for arch support are important?


The tennis shoes for arch support are designed to give more comfortability, stability, and support as compared to regular tennis shoes. They are the best running shoes for very high arches.

For the low arch, tennis shoes are manufacture to keep the foot high and give a comfortable walk.

Q- Which is the best website to buy tennis shoes online?


ANS: None other than AMAZON is the best place to buy the best tennis shoes for arch support. On Amazon, you will find the best brands of tennis shoes at affordable prices. There are also many deals on amazon for this.

Q- What is the difference between normal tennis shoes and tennis shoes for arch support?


ANS: Arch supportive tennis shoes are more comfortable, and players can rely on them instead of regular tennis shoes to avoid foot injuries. There are many other differences between arch supportive tennis shoes and regular tennis shoes; they are manufacture according to the court and player’s need.


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