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best tennis shoes for men


Are you exploring the best tennis shoes for men but don’t know about the quality or brand to buy, we recommend visiting our website to find the best pair. As everyone has their own choice and foot size; therefore, different brands are available.

Games’ court, your playing style, the size/shape of your foot, and your budget matter a lot in buying the best tennis shoes for yourself.

All the shoes I’ve picked out provide extra lateral support, high-quality materials, extra cushioning, shock absorption, and reinforced soles. As a result, the guide below will help you find a tennis shoe for your feet that provides the right comfort, agility, and durability.

Best Tennis Shoes For Men

PreviewTennis shoescheck on amazon
asics men gel challenger 12ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12
new balance men 806 v1New Balance Men’s 806 V1
ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 7
New-Balance-Mens-MC1006v1New Balance Men’s 1006 V1
5. ASICS Gel-Court Speed – Best Looking Tennis Shoes For MenASICS Gel-Court Speed
6. Adidas Men’s Advantage Tennis ShoeAdidas Men’s Advantage
7. Men’s Gel-Game 7 tennis shoeMen’s Gel-Game 7
ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 2

Our top picks

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 – Best Tennis Shoes For Men’s

best tennis shoes for menmedial side with PGUARD, technology gives better durability during foot drag. Mesh upper provides flexibility and breathability. Structural support in the lateral forefoot and heel offers excellent stability for the foot.


  • SOLYTE® MIDSOLE MATERIAL. The Midsole is lightweight compare to ASICS standard E.V.A. and SpEVA midsoles.
  • G.E. L® TECHNOLOGY CUSHIONING SYSTEM. This technology allows the movement of the foot in multiple phases.
  • TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® TECHNOLOGY. Reduces the sole’s weight without a decrease in the body parts.
  • ORTHOLITE® SOCKLINER. Saves the foot from moisture.

Product details

The GEL-CHALLENGER 12 best tennis shoe for men by ASICS is for avid athletes who play tennis games as passions. The outsole has AHARPLUS technology to reduce the effect of wear; however, the Midsole with SOLYTE TECHNOLOGY offers lightweight cushioning with extra durability and bounce-back.

 Furthermore, under-laying support in the forefoot and rearfoot is because of GEL TECHNOLOGY that increases the stability when an athlete moves and stops during the game. The company has used TRUSSTIC technology to improve grip in preventing injury and twisting while moving.

ORTHOLITE sockliner offers effective moisture management that keeps your foot fresh even during the summer.

One demerit of this shoe is it may lose fitting with the time and use.

  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable 
  • Affordable 
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • It may lose fitting with the time.

Overall, the GEL CHALLENGER 12 can be an excellent option for recreational players who need best looking men’s tennis shoes.


2.New Balance Men’s 806 V1 – Best Recreational Player Shoe

new balance mens 806 v1 best tennis shoe for menNew Balance MC806 best men’s tennis shoes are for those players who look for superior stability and support when playing the game on the court.


  • Lightning dry. Reduces moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • ROLLBAR. It minimizes the movement of the back of your foot that keeps you in total control.
  • C-cap. It prevents the movement of the foot during the game.

Product details

Best tennis shoe men New balance mc806 have C-CAP, ABZORB, and our latest ROLLBAR technology that controls an athlete’s motion. These shoes are specially for players who need extra support and stability during the game. This series of new balance shoes are lightweight and stylish because of full-grain leather. The lateral motion is due to the herringbone outsole.

Furthermore, LIGHTNING DRY technology keeps your foot away from moisture, even during the summer, and makes you comfortable when you play. Besides, the ROLLBAR technology helps in controlling you from the abrupt stop and run on the court. These shoes have a classic style and look because of the full leather upper. Its distinctive feature is that its upper leather provides extra protection in the front for the frequent toe dragger.

New Balance, following the success of New Balance Men’s 806, launches the latest version, NEW BALANCE MEN’S 806 V1

One demerit of this shoe is it may lose fitting with the time and use.

  • Moisture free
  • Motion control
  • Lightweight
  • Full leather upper
  • Toe tip for toe drag
  • Non-marking outsole

Overall, the GEL CHALLENGER 12 can be an excellent option for recreational players who need best looking men’s tennis shoes.


3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 7 – Best Cheap Men’s Tennis Shoes

best tennis shoes for menThe GEL RESOLUTION 7 shoe provides stability, flexibility, support, and premium cushioning to you during the match. FLEXION FIT Upper helps secure the foot without restricting movement; however, the PGUARD toe protector and high-abrasion rubber offer durability that enables you to move confidently.


  • SOLYTE™ midsole. Provides excellent bounce-back and durability.
  • SPEVA 45 technology.Helps cushion each step you take during the match
  • TRUSSTIC SYSTEM. Guides your foot in the proper direction.
  • P.H.F. technology. This technology helps your foot fit when you use it.

Product details

The G.E.L. – Resolution 7 is made to compete, which provides stabilizing support, exceptional flexibility, and excellent cushioning. PGUARD Toe Protector & extra abrasion rubber retain durability after every match. the FLEXION FIT upper and the external heel counter doesn’t affect movement while it also secures the footGEL-RESOLUTION 7 provides you with all the comfort and support you need for any game.

These shoes have an AHAR outsole that gives you the flexibility to switch the direction very quickly. Besides, SOLYTE midsole offers extra bounce-back and durability. SpEVA 45 technology in the midsole and GEL TECHNOLOGY in the rear and forefoot provide superior cushioning whenever you play the match. When you sprint on the court from one side to another, the reinforced vamps cushion your feet against impact.

I.G.S technology and TRUSSTIC TECHNOLOGY provide stability during fast matches. The inside of these shoes fits gradually because of P.H.F technology; however, ORTHOLITE sockliner offers effective moisture management. These best boys tennis shoes are available with all comfort, support, and durability that all recreational players need.

The outsole of this shoe can get marking with the use.

  • Enhanced toe durability
  • Can adapt to fit
  • Lightweight
  • Allows the movement in multiple planes
  • This shoe has rubber soles
  • Can be less affordable
  • Less available in markets

Lightweight shoes and can get fit gradually when you use it.


4. New Balance Men’s 1006 V1 – Best Lightweight Men’s Tennis Shoes

New Balance Mens 806 V1For athletes who want to achieve their goals, New Balance Men’s 1006 V1 Tennis shoes are for them. NEW balance gives focus to research, development, and new inventions, not external beauty, which may be an illusion. These are designed so that every athlete wants to select this for himself without any hesitation.


  • Upper. A breathable mesh in the Upper helps to keeps your feet fresh and crisp fresh and cool.
  • Durability. It is because of the LONG WEAR Drag tip in the toe area.
  • REVlite midsole. It offers support and cushioning.
  • Outsole. These shoes have a non-marking outsole with a unique tread pattern for traction.
  • Color. Black / Silver

Product details

The MC 1006 tennis shoes are the best option for enthusiastic players who play hard on the court and need comfort. These shoes offer extra cushioning and support that an athlete needs during long matches. Upper synthetic has a breathable mesh that keeps your foot cool even during hot days. Non- marking outsole has a unique tread pattern that provides excellent traction and durability.

These shoes are available with all comfort that an avid athlete needs during the match on any court.

Plastic lace system of this shoe is not comfortable

  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable mesh
  • Lightweight midsole
  • Non-marking durable outsole
  • Too narrow

The Long-Wear Drag Tip provides extra durability in the toe area.


5. ASICS Gel-Court Speed – Best Looking Tennis shoes

asics gel court speedASICS Gel-Court speed best tennis shoes for men are preferred for competitive players who play tennis as passions. These shoes provide full comfort, stability, and support to the players on the court. The trusstic SYSTEM makes you ready for the next move you take. Furthermore, these shoes with an upper mesh keep your feet cool and dry.

These shoes have a stylish design that attracts everyone’s attraction.


  • GEL-COURT SPEED. It supports the most used areas of shoes and ensures your excellent performance.
  • DOUMAX. This system on the Midsole gives extra support and cushioning.
  • GEL TECHNOLOGY. This technology on the rearfoot and forefoot absorbs shock during the match.
  • I.G.S. technology. It guides the foot in the proper direction throughout the match.

Product details

Get into the court with the GEL-COURT speed tennis shoes by ASICS with confidence. Its IMPACT GUIDANCE SYSTEM technology guides your foot in the proper position and absorbs shock throughout the match. The AHARPLUS compound allows you to change the direction in a fraction of a second on the court when you play.

The DUOMAX support system gives extra cushioning and support to your feet across the midfoot. These shoes can make you able to perform well during an aggressive match. This high-performance and reliable footwear can be a great and only option for intermediate and advanced players.

These shoes are a little expensive, but the quality of the boots justifies the price

  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable mesh
  • Lightweight Midsole
  • Non-marking durable outsole
  • Too narrow

Trusstic System technology – retaining the structure of the shoe also reduces the weight of the sole


6. Adidas Men’s Advantage Best white Tennis Shoe Men

adidas men's advantageThe Adidas Advantage, the best tennis shoes for men, supplies high-quality leather construction. It also has clean tennis-inspired lines with a perforated 3-stripes design. These shoes fit well with avid and aggressive tennis players who play for long matches.


  • These shoes from Adidas have a sturdy rubber outsole.
  • The 3-stripes design makes them unique shoes for players.
  • These shoes have a perforated Midsole that will keep the feet fresh.

Product details

These shoes are basically ideal for advanced players. These shoes have perforated upper leather that provides support and cushioning. The EVA technology in the midsole offers good cushioning during the game. The men’s advantage tennis shoes are lightweight which are easy to be handled.

The 3-stripes design makes this shoe unique for playing with additional leather construction that makes its structure tough.

These shoes are porous through which moisture can enter.

  • Lightweight
  • Perforated
  • High-quality leather.
  • Unique structure.
  • Expensive.
  • Limited colors.
This shoe has clean tennis-inspired lines with perforated design.


7. Men’s Gel-Game 7 – Best For Boys

gel game 7The men’s gel-game 7 best tennis shoes are for avid players who play on the court. These shoes bring comfort and focus to every performance. Upper breathable mesh keeps your feet cool and provides stability, comfort, and traction on the forefoot and rearfoot.

The upper mesh is wider and helps reduce shoe weight.


  • ORTHOLITE sock liner. The removable sock liner provides extra comfort and also helps in providing effective moisture management.
  • E.V.A. technology. It offers, even more, cushioning on the midsole area.
  • Wider heel. The full heel cage increases stability and traction when you play for long matches.

Product details

These are specially for avid and advanced players who play for long matches. The wider heel cage and rubber outsole increase the grip and stability during the match. The large upper mesh is breathable, which will keep your foot cool and dry during the hot season. The forefoot has G.E.L. technology with extra cushioning and support.

Its special feature is that these shoes are stylish with a contemporary design. If you are a beginner or an advanced player, do get to the court with the men’s GEL-GAME 7 tennis shoes because they will not let you down.

It may keep someone’s foot really hot during long matches.

  • Wider heel cage
  • Larger mesh
  • Removable sock liner
  • Cushioning system
  • Shoes are narrow
Made with a wider heel cage which increases stability when you are making quick lateral movement.


8. ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed  2 – Best Men’s Casual Tennis Shoes

asics men gel solution speedThey are made for aggressive players who play hard on the court. The GEL-SOLUTION speed 2 with all comfort and durability present in the market. These shoes will never let you down during the matches on any type of playing surface.


  • Gel cushioning. It provides comfort to the forefoot and heel.
  • Propulsion plate. This technology can make you able to run faster through the court.
  • Anti Gravel Tongue. Unique tongue construction prevents debris from entering the shoe.
  • Flexion Fit Vamp. It provides comfort to the forefoot and heel.

Product details

These are lightweight shoes for players who use the whole court aggressively. The design and the fitting of these shoes are best for everyone. Flexion fit gives you extra superior support and comfort. The propulsion plate makes you able to run faster through the court and helps you accelerate. Forefoot and heel have gel-cushioning technology that offers comfort.

Extra tough construction may increase shoes’ weight.

  • Synthetic
  • Lace-up running shoe
  • Collar lined with memory foam
  • Solyte midsole
  • Thinner mesh
You can run faster than other shoes due to propulsion plate technology.


Benefits of Playing Tennis

Tennis is a game that is not only to be played. However, you also have to keep some health tips in your mind before getting to the court because it will help you a lot.

All the benefits are given below.


1: Muscles Workout:

Playing tennis will strengthen your muscles because during the match you run around and jump up that needs your legs’ power. Furthermore, swinging the racket will require energy and arm power. Tennis can exercise almost every single muscle of your body that can keep you strong and healthy for a long time.

2: Social:

One of the most important things about tennis is that it cannot be played alone, so you have to bring along 1 or 3 friends to play with. It is a very social sport. If you don’t have any player who can play tennis, you can join the tennis league where you will meet new people at your club. Tennis is an extremely interesting game through which you can see the world and meet new and interesting people.

3: Endurance:

Tennis will increase someone’s stamina and endurance because the stronger muscle can perform better. It can increase your lung’s efficiency and can make your heart healthy. Tennis increases energy efficiency, which can increase your endurance power.

4: Cardio:

Tennis can make your heart healthy because you run, jump, and use muscle which is important for the heart’s health. It can greatly improve the efficiency of your heart. A healthy heart is more likely resistant to disease, allowing you to live a longer and healthy life.

5: Your Lungs:

tennis improves the efficiency of your heart, the same as it is also important for someone’s lungs. The more you exercise, the better your lungs will be. Your lungs will then provide more O2 than you need for muscle.

6: Coordination:

Tennis requires coordination and that coordination will be improved with its more usage. Tennis will make you a more coordinated person with the time. You should know how and when to jump and how to swing the racket, for that you have to have stellar footwork.


Buyer’s Guide:

Our recommendation about the Best tennis shoes for men.

mens tennis shoes buying guide

We reviewed the best tennis shoes for men by doing the necessary research. We collect reviews of shoes from real users who have been using them for a long time, so we are much more confident about them, which will give you complete satisfaction.

Before placing an order, remember to recheck your foot size; without this, a problem can be created.

Around the globe, as every person has a different foot size and shape, the shoe pair varies from person to person. Consequently, we have mentioned all these essential factors that you should know about a shoe pair.


Type of Court Surface

Every brand of shoe has its unique features, which determines the kind of tennis court surface where you will play a game. Playing on various court surfaces, you will need to have that pair of shoes that best suits the court surface, whether on the clay court, hard court, or grass court.

Clay court; Clay court surface needs the shoe pair with excellent support and extra stability.

Hardcourt; The shoe pair designed for hardcourt should be able to withstand wear.

Grassy court; On the other hand, the green court requires a shoe pair that can have a more relaxed stop and start.


Material Used to Manufacture the Shoes

The material used in making shoes has a significant impact on the performance of the pump. A buyer should consider the quality of materials that have been used in a shoe.

The shoe upper should be made up of breathable and lightweight material, which can give you excellent support and be able to wear for a long time without getting your feet hot.

Mostly the upper of shoes are made with mesh, which makes them extremely breathable. Consequently, it would be great if you go to the best tennis shoes for men in which the upper is created with mesh as they are lightweight, durable, and breathable.


Do You Want Lightweight Shoe, which is More Durable?


You should always select the best combination of durability and weight.

High durability remains the shoe long-lasting, which is the essential factor for advanced level players who play tennis frequently, and sprint around the court; however don’t want to replace their boots before every six months.

The player that selects more durable shoes gets more support, and, however, for making a more durable shoe, it will need to have extra material. But, it increases the shoe weight.

Old technologies and materials can make a shoe lightweight and long-lasting; however, this works to some extent. The shoe material wears out eventually since the tennis game is tough on shoes. Making the best tennis shoes for men lasting a fragment of an inch to the sole is a simple way to increase the life span of shoes, so that frequently what a designer does.

A shoe with lightweight let you run quickly on the court. You can feel the court easily through a thin sole, tennis players who like to jump, cut, and run faster will repeatedly need a lighter shoe.

In stock, the lightweight shoe cannot last long, accordingly depending on your movement and plating duration on the court.


Midsole and Outsole

While choosing the best tennis shoes for men, Midsole and outsole should be the two essential factors you will have to consider.

The Midsole of the tennis shoe determines its comfort. It would help if you bought a pair of shoes that have sufficient cushioning in the Midsole. It will then save your feet protected from any shock while you are volleying or serving.

Not entirely; it’s also a must to check if the best shoe pair has enough ankle support for preventing your ankles from being harmed while playing.

On the other hand, the outsole should be able to offer enough grip on the type of tennis courts’ surface where you will be playing.

Fortunately, the sole of some tennis shoes comes up with enough traction on all kinds of court surfaces.


Flexibility & Performance vs. Support & Stability

The flexibility of the shoe

Selecting the shoe amid flexibility and support is the same as choosing a lightweight and durability as you want one, you must sacrifice the other.

A flexible shoe can easily mould into your feet while you run around the tennis court, and it will help you run and cut better on the tennis court as you move, the shoe material becomes adjusted with feet.

Who uses more flexible shoes for tennis?

Flexible shoes are always required by PRO players who are less prone to injury.

They need a shoe with a quick response to their movement as they play faster on the tennis court.

The more flexible your shoe is, the more relaxed you will be; but, more flexible shoes usually have slighter shoe support.


Support gives cushioning and stability to your feet.

The supportive best tennis shoes for men have more cushioning in the sole and which absorbs the impact easily to maintain your feet stable. It can help in preventing injury and reduced pain. Though, for this, you will have to sacrifice flexibility and mobility.




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