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Learn how to play tennis for beginners?learn how to play tennis

Tennis is a lifelong sport, and it is considered as 4th most popular game in the world. If you have never played this game, then this article (learn how to play tennis for beginners) is really very important for you. It is a challenging sport to learn, and players need years of practice for this game.

The lawn tennis, a racket sport, in which two opposing players or pairs of player uses tennis rackets to hit a ball covered with felt over or around the net into opponent’s court. Millions play the modern game of tennis in clubs, and it is one of the sports with the largest number of players.

Why learn how to play tennis?

There are many reasons behind tennis’s popularity, which are:

  • Compared to other sports, tennis is very safe. 
  • It requires two players and very little equipment.
  • Good for body and mind.
  • A tennis player uses nearly every muscle in the body, so it offers a great workout.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination, balance, and agility.
  • It requires quick thinking and strategizing.
  • Playing tennis can help you build speed, power, and fitness.

Where to play tennis?

learn how to play tennis

You can play tennis in any prominent, open place, e.g., at your local parks, gym, or tennis club, but it is best to practice tennis on actual courts. You will learn the layout of the court faster by playing tennis on virtual courts.

What equipment do you need to play tennis?  what equipments need for tennis

Tennis requires only a tiny amount of equipment to get started, which are as follows: 

  • Tennis racket: it shall consist of the frame of any weight, material, size, and stringing. The stringing must be uniform and smooth. The string must be bonded where they cross. The racket should not feel like it’s too heavy to move.
  • Tennis ball: a tennis ball consists of a rubber core covered with high-quality cloth. Balls gradually go smooth as with use. The ball must have a uniform outer surface.
  • Tennis shoes: Tennis shoes are specially designed to provide comfort and protection. best tennis shoes play an important role in (learn how to play tennis). Many types of tennis shoes are lightweight with rubber soles, providing cushioning and stability. Nike, Adidas, Asics, New Balance, and many other famous companies are providing tennis shoes.
  • Workout clothes: You will also need workout clothes to play tennis. Wear comfortable, flexible, and breathable clothes to play tennis, and make sure to wear socks.

Understanding the tennis court:

It is time to move on to the actual tennis game. Before you can learn the fundamental tennis rules, it is necessary to understand the layout of the tennis court, and by understanding this, you can learn the tennis rules quickly.

Tennis court lines:

tennis court lines

    • Baseline: this line indicates the length of the boundary of the court. It has two purposes: 1) when one player is serving, he must stand behind this line. 2) When a player hits a shot that passes from the baseline, the shot is considered out.
    • Doubles sideline: As the name indicates, this line is relevant during double matches. It means the width of the boundary of the court.
    • Singles sideline: singles line is for single matches. It indicates the boundary of the court widthwise in two players’ games.
    • The Center service line divides the court into two halves, i.e., right and left half, relevant during the player’s serve.
    • Service line: it forms the area known as the service box when combined with the center service line. If a serve lands beyond this line, it is considered out.
    • Center mark: this line indicates where the player who is serving must stand before the serve

Tennis court area:

  • Left and right boxes: the right and left service boxes are those where the players need to hit serves.
  • Double alley: these areas are used during doubles match only as there are four players in doubles match the court becomes a little bigger.
  • Total court area: a total court area is where a player’s shot must land on except serves.
  • Net height: each shot when a player hits must clear the net; otherwise, it is considered out.

What are the actual tennis rules? 

The main goal of tennis is to hit a ball back and forth until you get the point. So here I am going to explain the basic rules of tennis:

  • Keep in inside the lines: for a singles match, the ball must remain within the single court boundaries. The server must land over the net and within the opponent’s opposite service box. For the doubles match, the outer alleys are in play.
  • Keep score: it is imperative to keep track of your points to determine who will win. The server says their score first, even if it is lower.
  • Avoid touching the net: if any part of your racket touches physically with the net, you lose. So avoid touching the net. 
  • Hold onto your racket. Your racket must remain in your hands; if you throw it, you automatically lose.

Types of tennis strokes:

  • Serving: it is one of the essential strokes in a tennis match. Serves can take different shapes and forms. They are characterized by the player’s movement where he swings the racket above his head while standing on the baseline.
  • Return: this is a shot where one player waits to see where the others player’s serve lands, and then he hits the ball to the other side. The most critical point of return is to hit the ball back to the other side, no matter how.
  • Forehand: in this, the front of the player’s hand holding the racket will be facing the opponent. Usually, the player forehands using one arm.
  • Backhand: This hit is when the back of the player’s hand faces the net when a player contacts the ball. It is equivalent to the forehand but executed on the player’s non-dominant side.
  • Slice: a slice is a variation of the backhand. In this, the racket swings through the bottom of the ball, which adds under-spin to the shot, so the ball keeps bouncing and remains low and close to the ground.
  • Volley: a volley is a shot when a player uses a racket to ‘push’ the ball over the net. A player uses this shot when a player is close to the net.
  • Overhead: it is a powerful shot, but it can be a cause of many silly mistakes. In overhead, the player must be standing close to the net and hit the ball without bouncing.

How to serve the ball?

Serving is one of the essential skills of a tennis player. In this player stands on his feet behind the baseline and toss the ball into the air. The ball travels back down, and then a player makes contact with the ball by pushing the ball over the net and diagonally into the server box where the other player is.

There are many ways to serve a tennis ball, and there is no formula for it.

Understand how tennis scoring works:

Tennis follows a unique scoring system. In a tennis scoring system, when a player wins a score, his point will accumulate until he wins the game. Once the player wins enough games, he will win a set, and when he wins several sets, he will win the game.

  • Scoring a game: a game is won by the player when he scores four or more points.
  • Scoring a set: a player must win at least six games to win a set. A player must also win by two games in order to win the set. If the game is 6-5 scores in the set, then the leading player must have to win the seventh game to win a set.
  • Scoring the match: a match is completed when a player reaches six sets and wins by two sets.

A tiebreak is a particular type of tennis game used to break a tie between two players. The rules for the tiebreak game are different. The server also works other in the tiebreak. In this, each player will serve for two points until the tiebreak is over.

Tennis etiquettes:

Here are few points which will help your match run smoothly and will keep your match on your track.

  • Don’t yell or scream on the tennis court.
  • Don’t talk on the phone on the tennis court.
  • Celebrating your points in your opponent’s face is restricted.
  • If there is an extra ball on the court, remove the ball.
  • When you are serving, wait for the opponent until he is ready to receive.

Final thoughts:

Tennis is a wonderful and exciting game, and it has many opportunities in life. In this article, we have all the knowledge you need in order to become the best tennis player. You just learn how to play tennis and then have to start practicing now. Our aim in this article is to make you the best tennis player.



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